How are the Expression readings generated?

Our readings are uniquely crafted, drawing from a blend of cosmic energy and intuition. While there's no algorithm at play, the true magic lies in your interpretation of these insights.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. We prioritize your privacy and never engage in data selling. Your information is collected solely to enhance your user experience.

Why is the app a mix of free and paid features?

We believe in making the wisdom of tarot accessible to everyone. While the core app is free, supporting us through premium subscriptions helps sustain our operations, fund new features, and keep our developer fueled with caffeine. If you can't subscribe, sharing the app with loved ones or leaving a 5-star review is equally appreciated.

Can you include a specific deck in the app?

Due to copyright restrictions, we're only able to feature decks that we've personally created. We understand the frustration of unauthorized use and respect the work of other artists.

I have a suggestion

At Expression Tarot, we're fueled by innovation and user input. Our team works tirelessly to enhance the experience for our global community. We value your ideas and encourage you to share them with us. Reach out to us through mail or social media and feel free to add a new one! πŸ¦„

We were charged twice. What should we do?

Double debits can occur due to multiple payment methods linked to your account or an oversight in canceling a Expression Tarot Plus subscription after a Lifetime purchase. If you've been double charged, reach out to us via the Support section and provide receipts for both payments. We'll investigate and assist with the refund process πŸŒ•βœ¨

Timezone - How can we verify or update our timezone?

Your Expression Tarot experience is tailored to your timezone for accuracy. To verify or update your timezone, follow these steps in your device settings:

Open iPhone settings β†’ General
Tap Time and Date β†’ Timezone.

Open your phone's Clock appTap More β†’ Settings
To set your home timezone, tap Home Timezone. For automatic timezone updates, tap Change Date & Time β†’ Set Timezone Automatically.Our timezone is correct, but the Moon's position differs from other sources.

Rest assured, the information in Expression Tarot is accurate πŸ™

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